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Our Process

The process begins with you choosing what you would like the end product to be. We will offer multiple example sources and we will meet to discuss your wants and needs.

After you have picked out the product, we will agree on a date to begin the job. This is a multi-day process and the weather must be warm and dry. Once we choose a start date, our team will get started on your property.

We begin by clearing the work area. After this is done, the team powerwashes the entire area to remove any stains, weeds and old sand from inbetween the cracks of the surface. Once dry, polymer sand will be brushed inside of any area it will reach. Once the job is complete, this special sand helps pavers bond together and prevents future weed growth. The access is blown off the work area and solvent-based sealant can now be applied.

This protects the area from stains, weather and normal wear and tear. This process is typically repeated every 3-5 years.


Using a multi-head, high powered pressure washer, the surface is completely cleaned and prepped for sealant.

Remove stains.
Remove contaminated sand.
Preps pavers to allow the sealer to bond properly.

powerwashing cleans the pavers
sand seals the pavers


Polymeric Sand (an advanced mix of fine sand and polymer additives) is brushed into the cracks of your pavers/concrete.

Polymeric Sand is an advanced mix of of fine sand and polymer additives.
Helps with durability.
Binds pavers together, helps joints stay strong.
Stays solid and dry to prevent weed and insect infestation.
Becomes flexible when wet to prevent cracking during the freezing/thawing process.


Solvent-based sealant protects from spills, weather and regular wear and tear. This is applied with a pump-sprayer in a thin layer. A little goes a long way.

Solvent-based sealant.
Gloss/Semi-Gloss and matte finish.
Prevents stains.
Enhances color and increases lifespan.
Create unique designs – completely up to you.

sealing protects the pavers

About Us

Layton’s Paver Sealer Pro provides a service you can feel proud you had done to your property. With years of experience under our belt, cleaning and sealing pavers is second nature for us. Based out of South Jersey and serving the tri-state area, our team enjoys assisting members of our community and at the same time we love what we do.

Our Values

At Layton’s Paver Sealer Pro, we treat every customer as if they’re family. We do our best to tend to every single need our customers request as quickly as possible and to the best of our ability. Don’t hesitate to call to schedule a consultation and if you have any questions at all regarding the process, send us a text, call or email. Our team works clean, efficient and honest.

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